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Backoffice update

Since Internet Explorer soon no longer is supported by Microsoft,
we will, in the next couples of weeks, launch our version of the DdD Backoffice,
that will be compatible with multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.
We are doing the final testing and we will come with further information as soon as possible.
This new version of DdD Backoffice, however, will not work in Internet Explorer.


DdDPOS update

On the 1st March 2022 we will update DdDpos.

DdDPOS version

  • Update to Fiskaly regarding timeout in the event of a breakdown at Fiskaly.
  • Update to Nets integration, upgrade from Baxi v1.8 to v1.10
  • Fix: Nets integration now have TerminalReady and Use2KBuffer switch on
  • New: Option for using KatalogParameter/Variantparameter to Discount Code (CampaignParameter)
  • New: Option for showing Gross profit % on Item (ShowGrossProfitOnItem)
  • New: DdDLoyaltyShowBonusAsDiscount (Setup for DKC in Swiss)
  • Fix: If FinancialReportOnTheReceiptPrinter = 1, Z-Report is not automatically generated in Norway/Sweden.
  • New: Option for showing Gross profit % on Total (ShowGrossProfitOnTotal)
  • Fix: Cannot start in offline mode with MobilePay Integration.
  • New: Option for dialogue about receipt must be printed (PrintReceiptDialog in DdDAdmin)



Issues with our German POS systems

26/02/2022 11:00 CET

We currently see an issue with our German POS systems. This is due to an incident with our Fiscalisation partner.

Please find more information at the Fiskaly webpage:

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


K3 Support


Information about DdD Service window

Our hosting partner has given notice of an update of our server infrastructure in two service windows.

Saturday 05-02-2022 ca. 21:00*  until Sunday 06-02-2022 ca. 09:00*

Saturday 19-02-2022 ca. 21:00* until Sunday 20-02-2022 ca. 09:00*

This means that all traffic on our servers is closed during this period. All scheduled tasks or tasks in the queue will start again at 06:00 on Sunday morning. Except for the DDD Report, where the figures will first be expected to be available on Monday morning.

Therefore, all stock figures and sales figures will not be updated until Sunday. This will also apply to sales that are sent to us from webshops or similar.

*All times are CET 

Windows 11 and DdD Backoffice

19-01-2022 11:45

We currently see that there is an issue running DdD Backoffice from Edge on a Windows 11 machine.

We are working on updating the system so it can work in several browsers and operating systems, but until then, we urge you not to update your computers to Windows 11.

As soon as we have a date for the update of Backoffice, we will let you know.

Support during x-mas and New Years

Our support is with limited staffing from December 23rd – 31st due to the holidays.

You could therefore experience a longer waiting time

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will be a bit patient with us

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


December 12th, 2021 – Update

We are unfortunately still experiencing issues.

We are working on finding a solution asap.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

December 11th, 2021

Dear Customer,

We currently see an issue with our POS systems that are slow, this is, unfortunately, affecting our Loyalty club as well.

We are working on a solution for this

We are sorry about the inconvenience caused.

Best regards

DdD and K3 support

Issue with German POS systems

December 10th, 2021


The issues now looks to be resolved.

For more details please check the site:


Dear Customer,

We currently see an issue with our German POS systems that are slow. This is due to an incident at our partner Fiskaly.

You can follow the development of this incident via:

We are sorry about the inconvenience caused.

Best regards

DdD and K3 support




Black Friday – Support 26.11.2021

Black Friday is approaching fast.

We are having our support open from 16:00 –  00:00 ready to support you, should you experience any challenges.

Wish you are great sales day and happy customers.



DdD PoS Update 26.10.2021

The following will be released in the new PoS update. version


* New Card id’s on Nets integration

* New languageDB restores on update

* New Card id’s on German Banking Integration

* Fix Customer Screen on AustriaFiscal

* New Option for using windows default browser on InternetShortcuts: InternetShortcutsDefaultBrowser

* New Possibility to give regular discounts using Static Discount in Loyalty v2 by setting Static Discount to 0%

* Fix Loyal v2 customers is set active = 0 when you look them up in DdDPOS

Update DdDPOS v1.9.6.0

  •  MobilePay v10
  • Return and Discount Codes on Parking Receipts
  • Fix. double receipt at drawer opening in Austria
  • New manual payment type 878 Miinto
  • Germany Fiskaly
  • The update will be rolled out in the following days:

    Monday 21th June
    Tuesday 22nd June
    Wednesday 23rd June

    We do not expect this to have any impact on your business.

Changes in URL


Due to our migration of some servers, some customers might experience the IP/URL not working as normal. This is due to the migration, some URL will no longer be valid. Below is a charter of what the customer shall use instead.

If this IP is used This shall replace the IP

If you need any assistance, please do call our support hotline +45 70 11 91 00

New Phone system Wednesday 18-11-2020

Wednesday 18-11-2020 the support will go live with a new phone system.

By doing that we will work more closely with our colleagues in the Nederlands and the UK and we can begin to help each other across countries. The new system integrates to our CRM system, so we easily can see who is calling and what you have been calling about earlier.

We change our system to improve our support. The new system is ready for the future, and we can add more functionality over time – all to improve your experience.

We, therefore, might sound different tomorrow from what you are used to when you call support, and the system will, of course, be new to us, so we hope that you will have extra patience with us tomorrow.

Best Regards

DdD and K3 Support

New phone system – UPDATE


Due to our server migrations this upcoming weekend 24-25th of October, we have decided to postpone our GoLive date for our new phone system to the 4th of November 2020. This is to ensure the best experience for all parts.


On Monday the 26th of October 2020 are we implementing our new phone system.

This is due to we want to ensure you are getting the right service from us as fast as possible.

We are hoping for an easy start but also we know to expect we will have some waiting time in queue Monday and some adjustments as we go.

We hope you will find this initiative as a positive step to provide you even better service now and in the future.

Update on DdDPoS 1st September
The following will be implemented on the PoS System

DdDPOS version

FIX: Receipt issue after printing CustomCash
FIX: Remove border around the main window
FIX: Size and location on ButtomStatus bar
NEW: Added AKILIUT Card from Grønlandsbanken for Nets Terminal

NEW: New Option for GermanBankingAutoDetectCardType

Update of DdD Database


May 26th, 2020

The time for this update is now moved to Sunday 31th May from 19:00 – 20:00 (CET)

May 26th, 2020

Our hosting center needs to do maintenance of the DdD database.
This will be done on Tuesday May 26th from 19:00  to 20:00  (CET).
The maintenance will affect most of our systems until finished. Operations are expected to be normalized no later than 20:00.
We apologize to the affected customers for any inconvenience this has caused.

Release on POS system 

February 25th, 2020

On the 3rd of March 2020, we will have a release on the POS system.

Public API:

  • Loyalty2Member bug fix
  • Gift card Certificate bug fix





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